Valentine's Day Cookies.
Some of our custom-made Valentine’s Day Cookies!

Valentine’s Day is about showing the people you love that you love them – what better way to do that than by giving the gift of handcrafted, Rosemont-Made treats?

This year the Rosemont Kitchen and Pastry Team will be turning out:
Torta Caprese 6″ – $13.99
Chocolate Pot de Creme – $4.99
Chocolate Passion Fruit Tart – $4.99
Black Bottom Raspberry Pie – $17.99
Pie Pops – $2.99
Chocolate Swirl Meringue Cookies – $4.99

AND from 4-6pm on Valentine’s day, the pastry team will be stationed at our Brighton Avenue, Yarmouth, and West End stores armed with pink icing (naturally colored with beets – we don’t want to feed our main squeezes artificial colors when showing our love!) to personalize giant buttery sugar cookies (pictured above). The cookies will be $2.50 each.

If you wish order anything in advance, please call your local Rosemont by Sunday, February 12th to place your order.