Thanksgiving can be a spectacular holiday for grand, special wines. But it doesn’t have to be, and given the medley of people at most of our celebrations it often shouldn’t.

With that in mind, if you’re looking for smart suggestions for reasonably priced, well made, tasty wines that will please the majority of non-supergeek eaters/drinkers at your communal table, check out this list : Two whites, two reds, a pink and a sparkling. Take advantage of our 10% discount for cases, and fill a box; the wines have all been specially engineered at the factory to be delicious even after Thanksgiving.


Terre del Föhn Pinot Grigio 2016

A mineral, juicy, true expression of what remains a terrifically food-friendly, middle-ground grape, straight from Italy’s Dolomite mountains. Great balance of fruit and acidity, with a light, low-alcohol character.



Tariquet Chardonnay 2016
It shouldn’t be as hard as it is to find a balanced, traditionally vinified French Chardonnay, with the hallmarks if not the pedigree and depth of Burgundy. The Tariquet answers the call, and it’s a lovely surprise every time we drink it. There’s ample weight on the palate, an elegant mouthfeel from aging in used French oak, and sleek, buttery refreshment on the finish. 

Badenhorst Family Secateurs Rosé 2017
The everyday rosé we’re all looking for. Crunchy liveliness, floral delicacy, and just the right amount of pale red fruit flavors from the sustainably farmed, old-vine, hand-harvested Cinsault grapes. Save some for the day-after turkey sandwich with cranberry relish.

Familia Sumarrocca Ya Cava Cuvée 23 Brut Reserva 2014 
A longtime Rosemont love, and as close to a staff house wine as there is. For everyday bubbles, this grower-produced, single vintage, sustainably harvested wine is unbeatable. Fine, precise effervescence is the skeleton for what turns out to be a terrific food wine, especially when the food ranges from salty to sweet and green to fatty. Hint, er, hint.

Foris Pinot Noir 2014
An unmistakably American wine which nonetheless channels an elegant French spirit through its Oregonian flesh and blood. Foris is along the Rogue River in the southernmost wine region of Oregon, snuggling with the California border and significantly warmer than the Willamette Valley to the north. The wine tastes, therefore, of deep, scrumptious forest berry fruit, with some woodsy aromas and a nice snap of acidity to keep things focused on the meal. 

Tavera Garnacha 2014
Garnacha — Grenache when French — is in many ways the ideal Thanksgiving grape: low in tannins, smooth-textured, full of red berry savor and floral bouquet. And just deeply, easily, gulpably yummy. The grape also takes well to a variety of vinification processes, which in the case of this sustainably farmed wine includes a combination of cement tanks and a bit of French oak for toasty, mouth-coating luxury.