Today Violet will make 45 pies in the time it takes most of us to make one. In addition to artful pastry skills honed from childhood, she’s a writer with a degree from Bard College. Wow!

Rosemont Market 45 Pies dough ready

(By the way, we sell our pie dough and locally grown fruit in our stores so you can do this at home.)

Kitchen scissors = essential

Preparing the pie tins with the help of kitchen scissors

Strawberries await.

Strawberries await

Strawberries meet rhubarb. They get along really well.

Strawberries meet rhubarb

Not too sweet, not too tart

Strawberries meet rhubarb Weighing the flour

Filling time

Rosemont Market 45 Pies berries meet pie crust



Now for the art part…

Now for the art part...



Oven ready!


Photos by Christopher Peterson