Local Flower Bouquets

Did you know? Every stunning arrangement you see in our markets is designed by our talented floral team.

Meet Heather & Lisa

These two floral artists are responsible for the sourcing, arranging, and creative magic that goes in to each of the hand-crafted bouquets you see in our markets. Heather has been at the helm of the Rosemont floral team since 2013 when the department was first created.

Heather and Lisa use a variety of textures in their arrangements, which brings a lot of whimsy and interest to each bouquet. They will often incorporate greenery, grasses, and berries in addition to bright and beautiful blooms. Each week, Heather sees what is available, chooses a particular item that inspires her based on color, texture or novelty, and creates from there. She describes it as “a very intuitive process”.

As with every department at Rosemont, we buy locally as much as possible. During the growing season here in Maine (May – September) we source flowers exclusively from Broadturn Farm, Snell Family Farm, Fresh Pickins Farm and Bumbleroot Farm. Our florists chat with farmers each winter about what we’d like to see grown each season. They will usually accommodate new varieties at our request, and will grow more of things we like using on a regular basis. For example, Fresh Pickins grows our gorgeous sunflowers for us each year. Otherwise, we trust the farmers on what they want to grow and what grows best in our New England climate. 

In the off season, we source all of our blooms from the U.S. and Europe. We are hopeful for a more sustainable floral industry in the future.

While our flowers are beautiful, they aren’t the only local item on our shelves. When shopping at your local market, you will discover an intentional selection of foods and provisions sourced locally and from away.