From the people who love good food, our Fresh Picks is a sampling of the many items we are excited to share with our community right now.

High Summer 2021

Summer Produce

High summer in Maine is a delight for the senses. The sweet fragrance of fresh picked berries, the bright colors of Maine tomatoes, the crispness of locally grown greens permeate through the air as you step in to our markets. All of us at Rosemont believe eating seasonally is one of the best things we can do for both our own health as well as the health of our local food system. Lucky for us, summer in Maine is the best time to enjoy the bounty of our local farms.

Right now in our local markets you will be excited to see an array of Maine grown vegetables, highlights include:

  • Local Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Local Zucchini
  • Local Eggplant
  • Local Cucumbers
  • Local Kale

Looking ahead. By the end of July, we anticipate ALL our vegetables to be locally sourced, with the exception of peppers. Enjoy locals season in the Rosemont produce section!

From Our Bakery

Honey Spelt Sourdough

Made with Maine Grains Whole Spelt Flour, King Arthur Galahad flour, House-Levain, salt, honey, and butter.

Spelt is an exciting type of wheat because it is very nutrient dense and has a lower gluten content and higher protein content than most wheats, making it more easily digestible, especially for people that have trouble processing gluten. With a sweet aroma and a nutty flavor, this bread would make great morning toast with butter and jam. You may also want to soak up the last of your Rosemont-made gazpacho or enjoy it alongside a caprese salad with local heirloom tomatoes.

Supplier Spotlight

Sumner Valley Farm

Rosemont is committed to supporting quality products from Maine farmers. Sumner Valley Farm is a true family farm where generations work together to raise dairy cows and true free-range pasture raised chickens. To keep their process sustainable, Sumner Valley Farm only raises chickens during the summer season. These non-GMO birds are frozen for the colder months 

Local Portland Food Writer Joe Ricchio once described these chickens in a Maine Magazine Blog Post:

“Once you taste the free-range chickens from Sumner Valley Farm, all of the hard work and long days committed to caring for these animals becomes wonderfully apparent. The birds are leaner, with a pronounced flavor that makes the generic supermarket brands taste like cardboard by comparison. Such respect is shown for the lives of these fowl that the family still gives thanks and prays before each slaughter”

New Products Alert!

  • Matiz Sardines – Harvested off the coast of Gallego with traditional and sustainable methods then prepared by hand with high quality Spanish ingredients.
  • TeaPigs Cold Brew Teas – The perfect solution for a cold drink on a hot day. Drop a cucumber apple, lychee rose, or peach mango tea bag into your water bottle to stay refreshed on the go.
  • Katahdin Coffee – Katahdin is a family owned business using sustainably harvested 100% Arabica beans.
  • Tree Free Portable Fires – City folks need s’mores too! These portable bonfires are perfect for a patio date night. Each one is made with materials discarded from the Maine hemp industry.
  • Dandies Marshmallows – Finally, a yummy vegan marshmallow. Perfect for your summer s’more making, or just for snacking right out of the bag.
  • Me and the Bees Lemonade – Deliciously sweetened with honey, a portion of the profits from this product are donated to organizations that protect bee populations.

Rosemont-made Pasta Sauce and Fire-Roasted Salsa

Maine’s harvest season is short, but here at Rosemont Market, we believe locally grown produce should be enjoyed year-round. So, we’re doing our part to extend Maine’s season, one jar at a time. We’d love for you to try our Rosemont label pasta sauce and fire-roasted salsa, each made with Maine-grown tomatoes. Not only is this the best sauce and salsa ever, it also supports our farmers here in Maine and gives you the opportunity to eat local all year long. Stock up at your local market. 

Celebrate What's In Season

At Rosemont, we believe people should eat and celebrate good food, in season, from where they live. Many of our products are made and sourced in small batches and with seasonal ingredients. Therefore, some of these items may come and go from inventory over the coming days and weeks. Check back often for updates on the fresh picks we are most excited to share with you.