From the people who love good food, our Fresh Picks is a sampling of the many items we are excited to share with our community this week.

Week of November 16th


Prepare for the Holiday

To reduce lines, and a rushed shopping environment, we are encouraging our shoppers to shop early this year. Thanksgiving produce is something that can easily keep its quality in your fridge or countertop when bought the week before. Here’s what we have this week:

  • Satsuma Mandarins are going delicious and will help you stay healthy all winter! Seriously, this is the boost of vitamin C you’ve been looking for.
  • The last allocation of heirloom apples arrived in our stores late last week. Cortland are the best for pie.
  • Bosc pears remain in bad supply, most likely due to California fires but Asian Pears are so delicious. If you haven’t tried one yet you’re missing out. Make a little spinach salad with them and some blue cheese and almond slivers. Yum!
  • Our squash supply is holding strong. These are so versatile for the Thanksgiving table. We recommend checking out our blog post about the different pays to prepare squash – pay close attention to the Long Pie Pumpkin.
  • We are stocked with gorgeous local organic russet and sweet potatoes for your feast. These can easily sit on the counter for a few days prior – just make sure to store them in a cool, dark place. Not the fridge!
  • Brussels Sprouts from Belanger’s Farm are in great supply! Put these in the fridge in a container that will allow them to get a little air. We also recommend a damp paper towel to keep them fresh.
  • Last but not least, cranberries. Ours are organic and from Massachusetts. They will come in a bag – ready to grab and go!

Pro tip: Just order the pie.


We know you have big aspirations for Thanksgiving baking, especially this year when we are all stuck at home. But if we’re being honest, life can be exhausting right now. So, just order the pie. We won’t tell.

Looking for a stuffing recipe?

In normal years, we’ve had precut dried squares of our Scala bread for customers to use for their stuffing’s at home. This year, since we are all going to be spending more time at home, we are encouraging customers to take on the process of cutting and drying the bread. Our head chef Cecelia has created an easy recipe to follow. See below for instructions and enjoy the process.

Looking for more Thanksgiving news from Rosemont? Learn more on our blog.

Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving Wines

Don’t worry, we’ve found the perfect wines to help make our small holiday special. Our wine buyer, Joe Watson, is constantly tasting and adding new and exciting wines to our inventory. You also may have heard we have built out our wine storage, so we can carry even more delicious labels for you to try. Learn more on our wine picks page, updated regularly, and even includes a cheese pairing!

Place your Order

Many of our products are made in small batches with seasonal ingredients. Therefore, some of these items may come and go from inventory over the coming days and weeks. Please try again on your next order if an item you have requested is not available at the time your order is packed. Check back often for weekly updates on the fresh picks we are most excited to share with you.