From the people who love good food, our Fresh Picks is a sampling of the many items we are excited to share with our community right now.

January 2024

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Sweets For Your Sweetie!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a sweet treat. Our talented bakers have whipped up delicious handmade holiday favorites using the best ingredients. Arriving throughout the weekend.

• Valentine’s Day Cookie Box
• Flourless Chocolate Torte
• Swiss Roll
• Cherry Cheesecake
• Strawberry Shortbread Cookies
• Heart Shaped Single Cookie

There’s a little bit of LOVE baked into every item.

Valentine’s Day Flower Subscription

Treat your Valentine to 11 months of seasonal bouquets hand-crafted by Rosemont’s in-house floral team. For the remainder of 2024, you’ll be able to pick up a fresh bouquet anytime you’d like for only $15, normally $19.99. 
The subscription is available for preorder now through February 14th, 2024.
Learn more about our floral department below.

Easy Meals Made With High-Quality, Local Ingredients

Discover the delicious comfort of our new winter recipes. Made by Rosemont chefs using high-quality, local ingredients including beef & pork from L.P. Bisson & Sons Farm in Topsham, ME.

Our signature meatloaf features a hearty mix of ground beef and pork and is topped with our own Rosemont BBQ Sauce for that extra kick of flavor. Made using meat locally sourced and selected to ensure you’re enjoying fresh, community-supported good food.

Made with layers of rich ricotta, velvety mozzarella, tender pasta, and our signature Rosemont Bolognese, our new lasagna recipe is a comforting dish that brings community and craftsmanship to your table.

Vanco Tulip Season

Vanco Tulips, a distinguished variety grown on Prince Edward Island, are celebrated for their exceptional quality and longevity. These tulips are a symbol of elegance and beauty, perfect for enhancing any setting or occasion. Recognized for their vibrant colors and robustness, they offer a delightful visual experience. With a reputation for being long-lasting, Vanco Tulips promises to bring extended joy and a touch of nature’s splendor into your life. Available in all of our markets for $10.49/bunch. 

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