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Spring 2024

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Written by Mark Law, Rosemont Market & Bakery CEO

Products grown and produced with care, usually in smaller batches, taste better. It’s hard to argue. Every week I try different products and incorporate new and delicious flavors into my meals, many of which become permanent residents in my fridge or pantry. It is part of our commitment to bring you an ever-evolving selection of local, and responsibly grown, delicious products. With warmer weather hopefully on the way, we can soon lean into dinners outside and summer gatherings. It is the best time of year to connect over food because better flavors and stories make better meals. Try out some of these recent winners.

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My grandparents wintered in Florida for a stint when I was younger. After many visits, crisscrossing the state my grandmother (who had an Olympic-level sweet tooth) declared that Parker’s Restaurant in West Palm Beach had the best Key Lime Pie. What did I know, it was dessert, and all good to me. But, in my many years since, nothing has compared to Parker’s version until I tried Rosemont’s. With a decadent graham cracker crust and the perfect crust-to-pie ratio, this is truly an unforgettable treat.

I usually steer clear of off-season tomatoes, but these are some of the best I’ve had. Plump and sweet they are a bright and delightful addition to salads, sandwiches, and daily dishes. Grown in New Gloucester, ME, this is a special place, with special products grown responsibly by great people.

A Good Food Award winner. This locally-hulled wheat is my new favorite whole-grain option. Warmer weather means more salads and local vegetables. Check out my Asparagus & Farro salad with soy sesame dressing  Farro has a roasted, nutty flavor and is a great option for whole-grain nutrition and a flavorful crunch.

This cow’s milk feta took 3rd place at the American Cheese Awards and is a permanent fixture in my refrigerator.  I put it on eggs, in my salads and sandwiches, or just as a snack with fresh vegetables and crackers. It’s amazing we can carry such a high-quality product that’s been made only 30 minutes down the road.

While this local producer is known for spectacular hummus, their Tahini dip is the secret winner. Tahini is still not a well-known ingredient, but this addictive condiment is known as the ketchup of the Middle East. This dip rocks on veggies, crackers, or in sandwiches.

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