From the people who love good food, our Fresh Picks is a sampling of the many items we are excited to share with our community right now.

Summer 2022

Maine Produce

Walk in to any of our local markets this time of year and immerse yourself in the vibrant colors, fragrant aromas, and tantalizing textures of fresh food. Our produce section is overflowing with glorious local produce from Maine farms. This is the absolute best time of year to share in the joy of good food with our community.

Farm Fresh Right Now

Blueberry season is officially here! We are seeing plump highbush blueberries first which will be quickly followed by Maine’s famous lowbush berries. Local berry season in Maine is short and oh, so sweet, so be sure to stock up! These tiny delicacies freeze well so you can enjoy Maine blueberry pie/muffins/pancakes all year long. Be sure to keep an eye on our market shelves and on our social media channels to be the first to know about local berries as soon as they arrive. They come and go quickly, but are well worth the dash to your local market.

Local heirloom tomatoes are here and taste just as good as they look. We also have just-the-right-amount-of-spicy shishito peppers from Goranson Farm in Dresden, Maine as well as sweet, local corn from Brown’s farm in Nobleboro, Maine and Houlton’s Farm in West Minster, Vermont.


Say Cheese

A local favorite, and we ain’t kidding around!

We’ve got a new goat cheese in our markets that is perfect to crumble atop your go-to summer salad. Fredrikson Farm is located in a small town in Maine where Sanaan goats enjoy quality hay from the farm’s surrounding 40 acres of hay fields along with a daily dose of care, love, and attention from farmers Ed and Dianna Fredrikson. But don’t just take our word for it, pick up some Fredrikson goat cheese on your next market trip and taste the difference for yourself.

The BEST Parmigiano Reggiano in the world??? Perhaps.

Made by Valserena, the oldest dairy in the Parma district, this is one of the few farmstead Parmigiano Reggianos out there—all the milk comes exclusively from the Serra family’s farm. Their herd is made up exclusively of rare Sola Bruna cows. This old breed makes up less than 0.5% of Italy’s dairy cows and they are known to give milk that’s particularly rich in butterfat. The cheesemaker at Valserena uses a bit more fat than the norm, which gives the cheese an especially rich flavor and creamy texture. The finished cheese has a wonderfully complex flavor with a lovely, long finish. There’s a brightness to it that makes your mouth water, similar to what you might experience with a juicy steak. And it has none of the bitterness or mouth burn that often mars the final flavor of others. Simply outstanding!

Local Products We Love

We sometimes wish we could bottle up the freshness of Maine summer and sip it all year long. Luckily, Kate Hall and her team at the Graze farm have done the heavy lifting for us. Graze fresh pressed juices are grown, pressed, and bottled in Northport, Maine. These farm-fresh juices are a must-try. “[Kate’s] self-curated path into micro farming was derived from an inherent love of color, texture, art, Maine outdoors and need for nutritional supplementation… [Graze] grows and produces organic, seasonal produce and wheatgrass which is harvested and pressed onsite at the farms bottle plant processing kitchen…”  The result? A local juice line that is simply fresh and oh so delicious!

Celebrate What's In Season

At Rosemont, we believe people should eat and celebrate good food, in season, from where they live. Many of our products are made and sourced in small batches and with seasonal ingredients. Therefore, some of these items may come and go from inventory over the coming days and weeks. Check back often for updates on the fresh picks we are most excited to share with you.