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Rosemont’s wine selection is remarkable. We favor balanced wines at moderate alcohol levels, wines that prize harmony and clarity. Our buyers travel to vineyards, and regularly meet with winemakers and importers to select wines of true character and distinction. While the wines Rosemont sells are from away, they are made by real people at small-scale wineries, who approach their work the way we and all our partners do: respectful of the land, obsessed with quality, and committed to preservation of their land for future generations. Our free Rosemont Wine Club offers discounts on special bottles and access to wines unavailable elsewhere. Rosemont Wine Club has no fees or obligations. We just send you regular newsletters packed with info and special deals on exceptional wines. You’ll be drinking better and paying less, in no time. Please provide your name and email address by using the JOIN NOW button below, and welcome to the Rosemont Wine Club!