Fresh, Local Seafood

At Rosemont, we consider ourselves very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet, befriend, and work with many inspiring, dedicated people in our community. The Alfiero family, owners of Harbor Fish Market in Portland, has been a pillar in the Maine seafood industry since the 1960’s. We feel so lucky to have a close relationship with these folks, and look to them to provide our markets with fresh, quality seafood products from Maine’s waters and beyond. 

Harbor Fish Market on Custom House Wharf supplies our Brighton Ave, Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth and Yarmouth stores daily with seafood. Since the menu changes daily, give your neighborhood store a call to find out what’s fresh right now.

Quality Meat from Conscientious Farms

Rosemont Market proudly partners with Pineland Farms for our beef program. Our friends at Pineland source their beef from family-owned farms here in Maine and along the lower Eastern seaboard. Raising beef cattle in Maine can be challenging due to the long winter season, therefore states with milder climates allow for a sustainable, year-round operation. Sustainability is a guiding principle here at Rosemont. We are so happy to have a local partner in the beef industry who shares this principle with us. While some of their cattle may be “from away,” Pineland processes their meat in their state-of-the-art facility in New Gloucester, Maine. This has created many jobs in our community and keeps our supply line close to home.

All of the beef from Pineland Farms is “natural”, meaning their cattle is raised on a strictly vegetarian diet without any animal bi-products, and without any antibiotics or added hormones. Additionally, Pineland ensures the farms they work with prioritize the welfare of animals by raising cattle under humane conditions. We proudly lean on our friends up at Pineland to supply our community with quality, flavorful beef.

Read more about our local suppliers here.