We are seven locally sourced markets conveniently placed throughout Greater Portland that supply fresh and tasty food to a community of loyal customers. In addition to our markets, our “Mothership headquarters in Portland, Maine is home to our state-of-the-art production kitchen and distribution warehouse.

Inspired by a European-style grocer, our locally sourced markets are a small footprint in the hearts of our communities. Designed to serve customers who enjoy shopping daily, or multiple days a week, to source the freshest ingredients for each of their meals. Our customers build relationships with our employees, allowing for trusted recommendations and meaningful conversations about food.

In addition to serving our communities, Rosemont Market and Bakery is committed to supporting our local food system. Eighteen years ago when we opened our first market on Brighton Avenue, we would walk the rows of the Portland Farmer’s Market and invite farmers to sell us what was left from that day’s haul. Today, many of those farmers remain valuable Rosemont suppliers and some of our closest friends. At present, approximately half of the products in our markets are grown or produced in the state of Maine. Here at Rosemont, we are committed to our role in making local food accessible to our communities.