Our Purchasing Philosophy

Rosemont Market is a wine shop like no other. Our wines are carefully selected to include only products that offer the best flavor, a true value, a great story, and are produced using sustainable practices. We focus on small-scale agriculture emphasizing organic and biodynamic methods whenever possible. We seek to demonstrate diversity in our winery representation and are always on the lookout for new and interesting wines to bring to our community. This year alone our wine buyer, Joe, has tasted over 1,000 wines. Only 30 to 40% of the bottles Joe tastes makes their way onto our shelves. How’s that for quality control?

Your Local Wine Shop

All of our markets offer a hand-selected wine section with only wines that are carefully curated by our wine buyer. If you’re on your way to a catch up with friends, need a weeknight wine to crack with dinner, or are seeking a special bottle to celebrate one of life’s joyous occasions – your neighborhood market is sure to have exactly what you’re looking for. If you come across a favorite bottle in your travels or from a restaurant wine list, feel free to reach out to our wine buyer and we will be happy to seek it out for you.

Weekly Wine Happy Hour

10% off All Wine in our Retail Markets

Every Friday from 4p to 7pm

Experience Our Wines

Our wine department has taken new shape behind the bar at Thompson’s Point. While we often taste wines in our markets and share recommendations with our customers, we now have a space for community to come and experience the breadth and depth of our wine program alongside a petite menu of Rosemont-made bread, local cheeses, specialty charcuterie, fresh salad, and seasonal snacks. It’s pretty much the perfect place to share a bottle and some appetizers with friends. Learn more about our exciting new venture on our Wine Bar page, and keep an eye on our events calendar as we often are hosting local suppliers, winemakers from away, and other exciting events that offer the chance to share the stories behind the good food and wine we sell in our markets.