Rosemont Falmouth

231 US Route 1 Falmouth, ME

Rosemont Falmouth opened in the Winter of 2019. It’s pickle-green exterior is a beacon to all those driving up Maine Route 1, calling them home to Rosemont. Inside it’s doors waits a welcoming staff, meat counter, produce section, fish counter, deli, bakery, beer + wine, and all our Rosemont staples.

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Rosemont Falmouth is located at 231 US Route 1 in Falmouth, Maine.

Store Hours: 8a – 7p, Monday through Saturday, 8a - 6p on Sundays
Manager: Aaron Connolly | 207-956-7997 |

Food & Provisions

  • Beer & Wine
  • Rosemont’s Pre-made Meals and Sides
  • Sandwich of the Day (meat & veggie)
  • Grocery Staples
  • Dairy
  • Locally Processed Natural Meats
  • Fresh Fish from our Friends at Harbor Fish Market
  • Ice Cream and Other Freezer Foods
  • Deli Meats & Fine Cheeses
  • Produce Grown Locally and Away
  • Rosemont-Made Breads and Pastries Baked Fresh Daily
  • and much more!