Our Mission

Cultivating meaningful relationships between farmers and our communities so that we can all access and experience joyful food.

Our Core Values

We believe people should eat & celebrate good food, in season, from where they live. 


We Find  Joy in Food.We noticed a long time ago that food shopping was a chore for many. Rosemont co-owner and founder, John Naylor, recalls flipping a coin with his wife over who would have to go to the store. This sparked an idea. Rosemont Market & Bakery was built with the intention to change the narrative around buying food. Shopping at our markets is not another item on your to-do list, rather it is an experience. Our staff is excited to see you and share what is fresh this week. The vibrant colors and sweet smells of seasonal produce and fresh baked breads fill our markets.  Everyone who works at Rosemont loves good food, and we strive to create that same joyful food experience for our customers.  

We  Support our Local Food System.  At Rosemont, we believe that what we eat should ebb and flow with the seasons, the way nature intended. Eating seasonally and locally means more flavorful and nutrient-rich meals. We have chosen to live and operate our business in an area that is rich with small-scale agriculture and aquaculture. Many of our hardworking locals supply our markets with produce, meat, seafood, and shelf staples. At present, over 60% of the products in our markets are grown or produced in the state of Maine. Supporting our regional food system is essential to the future of our business.  

We Help  Protect our Planet.Sustainability guides our operations. By relying on the local food system Rosemont keeps its footprint small, producing less fossil fuels through shorter transportation journeys. We strive to package in reusable or compostable containers whenever possible. We heavily utilize the incredible service that Garbage to Garden offers at every one of our markets, as well as selling their buckets so our communities have access to a composting service. We don’t waste food. Instead, we redistribute items back to our kitchen for integration into a recipe, or to one of our local charitable giving partners who support people experiencing food insecurity in our community. 

We Stay  Connected  with our Community. At Rosemont Market & Bakery, community is at the heart of what we do. Among our staff, we continuously work to build and improve a culture of togetherness through respect, transparency, and trust.  For our customers, our markets have become a place to gather where neighbors become friends over the deli counter or when sampling a new bottle of wine from our shelves. Together, our employees and customers forge long-lasting relationships through years of excellent service and the enjoyment of good food. Outside our walls, we are proud to work with our chosen community partners that support disenfranchised children and families in the Greater Portland area, especially those experiencing food insecurity. Looking to the future, the wonderful diversity of our community will guide and inspire us as we strive to become a more inclusive organization that fully supports BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized populations as employees, customers and within our retail products. We believe food brings people together, and at Rosemont, everyone has a seat at the table.   

Rosemont’s Roots

Rosemont Market & Bakery was born in 2005, from parents with long and varied experience in the world of food. We are committed to growing intelligently while retaining the feel of those smaller, simpler days. We think we’re doing pretty well with that.

Our Story