Local Farms We Work With

Rosemont is about making available the widest possible array of locally grown foods and locally raised animals. We source food from farmers we know whose practices we trust. Longstanding relationships with these local farmers enable us to bring you the freshest, most delicious, produce possible each season and a wide variety of locally sourced meats year round.

Our Local Suppliers

At present, over 60% of the products sold in our markets are grown or produced here in Maine. This includes items from local makers and suppliers who merge ingenuity with the hard-working Maine mindset to produce some of the tastiest food products available in our area.

Maine Craft Beer

Just as Maine has become a foodie state, we are also a local beer hub consisting of over 150 breweries. Rosemont proudly supplies almost exclusively local beer, from classics like Allagash White and Rising Tide’s MITA to new releases from Bissel Brothers and Oxbow Brewing.

From all of us at Rosemont, thank you for shopping local.