peeps photoEaster is this weekend. Spring has arrived. Opportunities for reverence and renewal abound. Whether it’s a well-raised ham or lamb, a lovingly crafted peep, or a unique wine or food event, we’re excited. Rosemont has taken off the winter-weight sweater, and we’re ready to celebrate, starting…NOW.

Please do not wait another moment before calling our butchers to reserve special meats for Easter. Hams are pretty much all spoken for, but we have a good supply of fresh spring lamb from North Star Sheep Farm in Windham. Those of you lucky enough to have attended our dinner this past weekend with Lisa and Phil from North Star know how special this lamb is. Rosemont Custom Cuts has both bone-in and boned cuts. It’s extraordinary.

We’re quite proud of our kitchen’s homemade peeps, too. Irresistible yellow guys, a delicious Easter treat, and we make ’em with nothing artificial or gross.

This Friday, we’re thrilled to be holding a free wine tasting at Rosemont Brighton. Any time we pour wine with y’all it’s a great time, but it’s especially fun to be able to introduce someone we’re sure you’re going to love. Fred Mullins is the new ambassador for Vias Wines, a distinctive importer of fine Italian wines. Fred is that rare mix of incredibly sweet-natured and astonishingly well-informed. A passionate wine geek with loads of varied experience, Fred is a joy to hang out with and a fabulous resource for furthering your wine understanding. We recently tasted some new wines with Fred, fell hard for them, and immediately scheduled a time to bring him in to show them off.

Please join us at Rosemont Brighton, this Friday, March 25, 4-6:30pm. It’s free.
(but be warned: you’re not going to be able to resist buying some wine.)

Also this Friday at 6pm in Rosemont’s kitchen, a just-announced addition to Rosemont Chef Bryan Dame’s popular cooking classes. This month’s pasta series sold out quickly, so Bryan added an extra class this Friday that will focus on risotto and paella. We’re keeping the number of tickets quite low, since attendees will cook the entire meal side-by-side with Bryan, with a lot of hands-on instruction. At the end, everyone will sit down to dine communally, on a meal of mushroom risotto and classic paella.
Reserve your places now!

Our April cooking class series still has openings! Two separate classes will focus on chicken, and the third class will be all about mushrooms. The mushroom class will be a collaboration with our pals from North Spore Mushroom Co., who the following night (April 16) will join Chef Bryan for a Meet Your Maker dinner that’s all about the fantastical fungus. Looking even further ahead, the May cooking class series will return to pasta. Like us on facebook and visit our website to stay current on our kitchen events.