Freedom, ME

In Freedom, Maine, South Paw Farm is a beacon of agricultural resilience and innovation. Owned by Meg and Ryan Mitchell, and backed by a dedicated crew, their farm focuses on organic practices certified by MOFGA. Their fields yield a diverse array of produce, from heirloom tomatoes to sweet peppers and savory leafy greens.

South Paw Farm isn’t merely a business for Meg and Ryan; it’s a commitment to sustainable agriculture and community enrichment. Through their meticulous farming practices, they not only support their family but also contribute significantly to Maine’s local food systems and agricultural economy. Their protective easement with the Maine Farmland Trust ensures that this farm will continue its agricultural tradition forever, benefiting both current and future generations in Maine.

Shop these South Paw Farm Crops: onions, shallots, and squash (honey bear, starry night, delicata, marmalada kabocha, winter blush kabocha)