Bowdoinham, ME

At Stonecipher Farm in scenic Maine, the land has undergone a remarkable transformation since its purchase in 2008 by Ian Jerolmack. What was once merely woods and a tired hay field has become a bustling center for organic food production. Ian, along with his wife Emily Goodchild, have built not just a farm, but a home for their family of five.

Ian and Emily are the life force behind the farm, fully sustaining their family through its operations. The couple is deeply committed to keeping the land agricultural and enriching their community with locally-produced food.

For those who enjoy the produce from Stonecipher Farm, it’s not just about the food; it’s about participating in a local system that values community, sustainability, and the hard work of a family dedicated to making a difference. Through their labor and love, Ian and Emily are not only cultivating a brighter future for their children but are also enriching the food systems and agricultural economy of Maine.

Shop these Stonecipher Farm crops: fresh ginger, leeks, scallions, beets, turnips, rutabaga, salad mix.