Sharing recipes & the stories behind them is one of our favorite things to do at Rosemont. We believe community is what makes the local agricultural landscape so rich. That’s why our motto has been and always will be “Good Food From People You Know”.

Have you experienced the warmth of our homemade hot soups at our markets? Each day brings a new flavor, from timeless favorites such as Creamy Tomato Bisque to beloved classics like Italian Wedding Soup. The secret ingredient? Rick Clark. A vital member of our kitchen team and the culinary artist behind these comforting lunch and dinner delights.

Rick’s passion for cooking ignited at the young age of 15, working in restaurants and savoring the bustling environment of professional kitchens. His journey took him through a variety of culinary landscapes, from the vibrant flavors of Greek, French, and Italian cooking to the comforting cuisine of American and Irish foods. Each taught him something unique, shaping his approach to cooking and his understanding of flavors. A significant source of Rick’s recipe inspiration comes from Sarah’s Cafe Soup Bar in Wiscasset, where he grew up.

Each Day, Rick is presented with a culinary challenge he embraces with open arms. Our markets set aside fruit and vegetables that, despite being perfectly edible, are not suitable for sale due to their appearance. Rick assesses the gleaned produce and decides what to make. Combined with high-quality fresh ingredients, he draws inspiration from classic recipes. One such dish is his version of Italian Wedding Soup, where he uses leftover Parmesan rinds to create a rich, flavorful stock and adds the gleaned vegetables to fill out the broth. He then adds handmade meatballs made with 100% local meat. There’s never a recipe set in stone; Rick gets inspired by what is available, ensuring that no two soups are the same within a two-month span.

Through Rick Clark’s innovative dishes, Rosemont is able to continue our mission of offering more than just food but a taste of community, sustainability, and creativity.

Find Rick’s soup’s in our markets daily or create his Cream of Mushroom Soup at home with this recipe.