Why the change?

As a small business working to make a big impact in our community, we must remain dynamic. As the needs and wants of our consumers shift, so must we. Over the last few years, we have noticed that our customers were steadily consuming less meat from our butcher counter. We took a hard look at our in-house meat department and asked ourselves how we could evolve this department to better suit the needs of our customers and our business. As a result, we are now offering locally sourced meat from conscientious farmers and suppliers.

While we are no longer butchering whole animals in house, we are excited to partner with local businesses who are experts in this area of farming and processing, and do so with the same integrity our customers have come to expect from Rosemont Market & Bakery. While our deli case may look slightly different than in years past, we will continue to offer top of the line, sustainable and delicious meat products in all our markets. We hope you enjoy.

Our Meat Suppliers:

Commonly Asked Questions about the Changes to our Meat Program

Why did Rosemont choose to end the meat program?
Ultimately we chose to end our in-house butcher department for financial reasons. We noticed over the past few years that our meat sales were declining, and did our best to adjust our practices. In the end, we simply couldn’t afford the steep costs that come with whole local animal butchery.

Why doesn’t Rosemont just buy cheaper meat?
At Rosemont, our mission statement reads: Cultivating meaningful relationships between farmers and our communities so that we can all access and experience joyful food. Bringing in a lower-quality product to save cost simply does not align with our mission. We would rather use this opportunity to support our local food system and deliver a high quality product to our customers.

What happened to the butchers?
Our three butchers were all offered positions within the company. While they may ultimately choose to pursue other career goals, we greatly value the expertise and years of service they gave to our community.

Will Rosemont do head-to-tail butchery again?
Unfortunately, no. We have already noticed a more balanced meat department since adjusting our program from in-house butchering to locally sourced meat, therefore this change will likely remain permanent.

What is the new meat program?

We now happily sell meat sourced locally from the following suppliers: beef from Pineland Farms, sausage from Vermont Family Farms, pork from Maine Family Farms, lamb from Stoneheart Farms, and chicken from Common Wealth Poultry Co. and Tide Mill Organic Farm. These farms were researched, taste tested and chosen by our owners and buyers here at Rosemont based on their quality, flavor, price, and common mission. All cuts are prepackaged and sold in every Rosemont location. Learn more about our locally sourced meat program here.

Is ALL the meat from Maine?

No. While the majority of our meat products sold in our markets are from Maine farms or processed in Maine, some of our partners outlined above do provide us with quality products from farms in Vermont as well as farms along the south-eastern seaboard. We outline our meat suppliers, their practices, and their specific locations in more detail on our Meat & Seafood page.