Written by Mark Law, Rosemont Market & Bakery CEO.

While the first 8 months as CEO of Rosemont have flown by due to the ongoing challenges and rewards of running a small business, I have had the opportunity to dedicate a good portion of my time happily eating my way through our stores. Let me tell you, it’s a demanding job! I have met many outstanding Maine growers and producers and tasted truly delicious, quality foods. With a focus on Maine (over 60% of our sales come from Maine products!) our team works hard to bring you the best quality, responsibly produced, delicious food from home and away.

 As a small business, it is not easy to survive in a world of homogenized mega stores that have significant buying power. However, we believe that neighborhood markets, local restaurants, and independent businesses are the cornerstone of our communities and contribute to a strong regional economy. It makes a difference where you shop, and we are committed to sourcing the best products for the home cook (or dedicated snacker!). When you buy locally produced items and small batch quality foods, it is a meaningful investment in small businesses, responsibly produced & delicious food, and our community.

Here are some of my go-to favorites so far:

Maine-Made Yogurt

I love yogurt. While there is an endless array of sugar-infused, manufactured yogurts, I am always on the lookout for fresh, small-batch, cream-top yogurt with a smack of tartness. Maine does not disappoint! They are all so good, I change up the variety every week. From the probiotic deliciousness of Silvery Moon Creamery, and Winter Hill Farm to the tasty decadence of Milkhouse Creamery and Swallow Tail Farm yogurt, they are the perfect start to any day. Try them all!

Castor River Habitat & Farm Rice

While not local to Maine, this is some of the best domestically grown rice I have tasted. Grow in Missouri on a 3rd generation family-run regenerative farm, the Hunter family uses award-winning, no-till farming methods to enrich their soil, lower carbon emissions and elevate flavor. Rosemont is one of the few locations in Maine that offers Castor Rice.

Bianco di Napoli Tomatoes

From the pizza legend Chris Bianco, I’d put these up against any other canned tomato in the world. Delicious! California-grown, organic tomatoes that are hand-harvested, hand selected, and canned within hours. Your sauces and soups are about to get a major upgrade.

Winter Hill Feta

This cow’s milk feta took 3rd place at the American Cheese Awards and is a permanent fixture in my refrigerator.  I put it on eggs, in my salads and sandwiches, or just as a snack with fresh vegetables and crackers.

Shovel and Spoon Middle East Coast Tahini Dip

While this local producer is known for spectacular hummus, their Tahini Dip is the secret winner. Tahini is still not a well-known ingredient, but this addictive condiment is known as the ketchup of the Middle East. This dip rocks on veggies, crackers, or in sandwiches.

Cattani White Balsamic Vinegar

Most balsamic vinegar is used sparingly and that is why it is worth investing in quality. Cattani is family-made in Italy and imported by Maine’s own Rogers Collection. The vinegar is derived from high-quality Trebbiano grapes and is free of any additives. It will add a balanced pop of acid to any dish and change the way you think about dressings.