Written by Rosemont CEO, Mark Law.

Growing up, like many New Englanders, Friday nights were reserved for dinner at our town House of Pizza. Take out or Dine-in, Liberty’s pizza was a staple, but we rarely got pizza. Instead, our family opted for their delicious grinders, subs heated in the pizza oven. My mom had her rare roast beef, toasted, with lettuce and extra raw onion. My brother and I, however,  were devoted to the toasted Italian. If I ate there 100 times, I’m sure I had 90 Italians. On the menu it was titled salami and ham, but only ordered as an Italian and always toasted.

This is my Rosemont Inspired version. Our made fresh daily hoagie rolls, sliced, and topped with rosemary ham, Molinari salami, and mortadella. The other side is shingled with thinly sliced provolone. Toast for 5-7 min at 400 degrees.

Top with shredded Goranson Farm lettuce, thinly sliced Hall Brook Farm tomatoes, Stonecypher farm onions (optional). A few dashes of Querciavalle olive oil and Cattania white balsamic vinegar and a whisper of salt and pepper. Surround with Fox Family Farm potato chips and a Morse’s Half Sour pickle.

 A New England lunch for the ages.