Rosemont Market & Wine Bar is collaborating with Garbage to Garden curbside composting and The Resilience Hub to create an interactive raised bed garden space, incorporating edible, native, and pollinator plants.

Closing the Loop

Built from Maine-harvested hemlock lumber by our friends from Garbage to Garden, and grown with a compost & soil blend made possible by your composted garbage, the vision behind this project is three-fold:

  • To educate our community about how food is grown, and the importance of pollinators & soil health in that process
  • To highlight the importance of our local food system
  • To demonstrate the benefits of a closed loop system, where our composted food replenishes the nutrients in our soil to continue growing nutritional food for consumption

Come Experience the Garden

Visit us this summer at Rosemont Market & Wine Bar on Thompson’s Point. Take a walk through the garden with a cup of coffee in the morning sun, enjoy lunch outdoors while your children touch and smell the blossoming plants, sip a glass of wine among the flowers and watch the sunset after work with friends. Our garden space is meant to be a gathering place for our community, come join us.

What’s growing this season? Our friends from the Resilience Hub have seeded and planted:

Tomatoes | Cucumbers | Kale | Nasturtium | Pepper | Broccoli | Cabbage | Yarrow | Basil | Landrace Squash | Borage | Marigolds | Dill | Parsley | Fennel | and more!

Garbage to Garden Curbside Composting

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