Excerpt from a review of our new dinner series by Christopher Papagni, The Portland Phoenix

Pagagni writes, “When we think about food, so many things come to mind; where our food comes from, when we should eat it, where we should eat it, and with whom we should eat it. Leave it to Rosemont Market to answer all of these questions for us.

John  Naylor, one of the two co-owners of Rosemont, makes it his business to think about the Maine community and how we eat. His commitment to the local farmer is unparalleled in our area. John has a personal relationship with each and every one of his purveyors. He spends a lot of time making sure that the food Rosemont sources is fresh, local and affordable. I once made the mistake of calling Rosemont a gourmet grocery store and John was within earshot. He shared that Rosemont is not so much about specialty foods as it is about food that is nourishing and can feed our community. He cares a great deal about a sense of place; the place where his family lives and the place where he and his partner does business. ”  Read the review