Thompson’s Point is pleased to announce that Rosemont Market & Bakery has just come aboard as its newest tenant with a projected opening date of early Summer 2021

When seeking out fresh, quality food on the go in the Greater Portland area, Rosemont Market & Bakery is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. With six locations in neighborhoods from Cape Elizabeth to Yarmouth, Rosemont’s mission of making local food accessible to their communities is well upheld. The developing neighborhood of Thompson’s Point is excited to welcome Rosemont to their community of local businesses.

John Naylor, Co-Owner of Rosemont Market & Bakery recalls, “Back in the day, Thompson’s Point was the main connection for trains and the canal system. Now it has evolved into another connection point: many communities coming together as one.”

With the forthcoming opening of the Children’s Museum at Thompson’s Point, Chris Thompson and Jed Troubh sought a tenant that could provide a healthy, family-friendly food option that would complement the existing businesses on campus. Not only did Rosemont Market & Bakery fit the bill, their robust and intentionally curated wine program possessed the potential to make excellent use of the large wine bar formerly occupied by Cellardoor Winery.

John Naylor explains, “When we are approached by a developer, we always explore the opportunity and dig deeper into whether they truly align with our mission and values. While we have been speaking with the folks at Thompson’s Point for some time, it was with the addition of the Children’s Museum that we saw our opportunity to put fresh, local food into the hands of more Maine families and those visiting from away and support our local farmers while doing so.”

A step outside their normal footprint, Rosemont Market & Bakery is excited contribute to the developing community at Thompson’s Point. The grab-and-go market with seating for the lunch crowd will occupy one half of their space, with a full-service wine bar occupying the large, existing bar area.

Rosemont’s Wine Director Joe Watson shares: “Rosemont has always been a place for our community to discover joyful food and drink that is responsible to both people and the land. Our goal in the wine bar is to create a meeting place for people to come together and enjoy a glass of wine, some local snacks, and to share the stories of our producers that make Rosemont’s wine program so special.”

The neighborhood wine bar will also include the option of enjoying some of Rosemont’s hand-selected cheeses, from-scratch dips and spreads, specialty cured meats, and fresh baguettes from their bakery.

Jed Troubh, one of the owners and developers of Thompson’s Point, notes that “Rosemont Market has been a leader in our community for a generation, helping to build the model for Maine’s 21st century neighborhood market that is focused on genuine partnerships with farmers, growers, butchers, and everyone whose products are on their shelves. We have a ton of admiration for the responsible, sustainable, community-minded approach they bring to everything they do, and having them on board really helps us take the next step in the evolution of this dynamic neighborhood we’ve been working to create for a decade now.”

When Troubh and his partner Chris Thompson partnered with artist Sam Van Aken in 2015 to plant the world’s first grove of his Trees of 40 Fruit at Thompson’s Point, whereby dozens of varieties of rare heirloom stone fruit (peaches, plums, almonds, and more) are grafted onto the same tree, Naylor was so taken with the project and with the artist that he and his team at Rosemont immediately jumped on board to cater the public event celebrating the planting of the trees.  Chris adds, “John brings a genuinely rare combination of vision and nuts-and-bolts practicality to everything Rosemont does — he can see transformative ideas and possibilities as they happen, and knows how — and when — to roll up his sleeves and make amazing things come to life. He and his family have built an incredible, creative, ethical, and people-first business. We have been eager to have them at the Point ever since that first event we did together, and we can’t wait to see how they transform that corner of Thompson’s Point into a hub of top-notch food and beverage experience.”

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