Rosemont is a group of everyday neighborhood food markets, staffed by food lovers who want your every meal to be memorable. Everything we do is based on our relationships with local growers and producers of good things to eat and drink. Rosemont is also a bakery where every day we bake handmade breads, pastries, cakes and pies. Rosemont’s kitchen makes delicious prepared foods to go, including soups and sandwiches, appetizers, salads and dinners.

Upcoming events:

  • Fri

    Vermouths, Bitters and more: Cocktails in a Wine Shop!

    4:00pm - 6:30pmRosemont Brighton Avenue

    We're excited to welcome Nolan Stewart, the creative power behind Coastal Root Bitters, to Rosemont Market for a very special tasting. Nolan handcrafts his own craft cocktail bitters, and is committed to "improving cocktails one dash at a time". Nolan will combine his bitters with various other drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, to show the amazing creative opportunities provided by a little dash of his exotic flavors. We'll also have some artisanal vermouths and other aromatized wines open...all in an effort to show off the breadth of beverages it's possible to create in shop that can't legally sell liquor!

  • Fri

    Mixin' and Matchin' Free Tasting for FIRST FRIDAY

    4:30pm - 6:30pmRosemont Commercial Street

    Portland Press Herald wine columnist and Rosemont wine buyer Joe Appel will be on hand to show a terrific array of wines ideal for mid-summer drinking. As usual, they'll be handcrafted, small-production wines, delicious, somewhat obscure, and moderately priced.

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In our stores
this week

July 21 - 27


  • Bumble Berry Pie
  • Black Bean & Chicken Empenada
  • Hand Pies
  • Black Bean & Corn Lasagne
  • Lemon Poppy Bread
  • Lemon Pie
  • Faux Tuna Noodle Casserole
  • Tomato, Corn & Basil Quiche
  • Sausage & Red Pepper Quiche
  • Tomato Basil Lasagne
  • Ginger Cake & Cupcakes
  • Ricotta Cake & Cupcakes
  • Maine Wild Blueberry Pie
  • Meatloaf
  • Empenada - TBD
  • Stout Cake & Cupcakes
  • Summer Vegetable Casserole
  • Fruit Hand Pies
  • Quiches of Grace, Beauty
  • Stout Cakes & Cupcakes
  • Ginger Cake & Cupcakes
  • Whoopie Pies